Sunday, January 27, 2008

Romney Robos In Favor of New Entitlement Spending

From J-Mart at Politico:

Mitt Romney's campaign is sending out automated phone calls to Florida Republicans attacking John McCain on taxes and Social Security, an aide to the former governor confirms.

A Florida Republican up in the Panhandle received a robo today suggesting he "take a hard look at John McCain's record."

"John McCain voted against the AARP-backed Medicare prescription drug program," the call notes, in an obvious effort to give seniors pause about the senator.
So let me get this straight - Romney, that supposed paragon of pure fiscal conservatism, is accusing McCain of voting against a massive new entitlement program?

And as for the AARP, I recall they were less than helpful when G W Bush was interested in reforming Social Security and allow for private investment instead of an IOU placed on a next generation of workers. If Mitt Romney had anything instructive to add to the conversation about policies for America's seniors, you think he might have shown up to the AARP forum in Iowa this past Fall. John McCain has not followed the AARP's political agenda, but that didn't keep him from engaging in the discussion with them along with Mike Huckabee.

One of the things I really admired about Fred Thompson's campaign is that he was willing to offer up a proposal to reform Social Security. Some former Fred-heads may think that Romney is now their man, but if you care at all about making the hard choices necessary for entitlement reform, I do not see how you can support Romney. He is using the same scare-tactics the Democrats have long used to impede any significant progress to relieve the fiscal burden the political establishment is content to leave on future generations of Americans.


Quiverdaddy said...

Romney is more of a liberal than McCain -- the difference is McCain doesn't back away from those things that disturb some conservatives.

I'd much rather support a guy who sticks to his principles than one who tells me what he thinks I want to hear.

I'm a Huckabee supporter, but if Mccain wins, I won't be nearly as disappointed as I will be if Mitt gets it -- I'll just stay home and let HillBillary or OprahBama take over for four years.

Speedzzter said...

Just wait a few moments . . . Mitt "the flip" Romney (the GOP's Gucci Chamelion) will likely flip-flop on the prescription drug plan, just like he has on special rights for persons engaging in homosexual conduct, abortion, gun rights . . . .