Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Hampshire GOP Debate - the Principle Question

One question asked by Charles Gibson - which he freely admitted he stole from President Bush - at tonight's debate gave some insight into the core of the candidates.

What is the key principle(s) that will guide you as president?

The answer for Ron Paul and Fred Thompson: The Constitution (tradition, principles specific to Americans)

For John McCain and Mike Huckabee: The Declaration of Independence ("endowed by Creator" - principles universal to humanity)

For Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney: Here is what I plan get done . . .

Someone needs to remind Rudy and Mitt of the definition of the word "principle." It's not the same as an "agenda." If your only principle is your agenda - well that's a serious problem of having it backwards, at best.

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Daltonsbriefs said...

I like the question and was actually listening when Bush asked it on his press conference back a week ago.

What are the principles that will guide you?

Guiliani and Romney seem guided by principles based on self and pride.

Thompson and Hunter may be nice and smart and sharp, but they can't win the primary.

Huckabee has principles. He believes in a God who created and a set of basic human rights that God gave us. But alas he can't beat Hillary,

I keep landing at McCain, he can beat Hillary and he has the principles, oh I may not like all his positions, but he has them and won't move them.


Sound familiar?